About Us

SKVTechnik is your supplier of choice for Side channel blowers in leader quality.

We offer solutions for both replacements and for individual purchase orders or production deliveries. In addition to the side channel blowers, we also offer the necessary accessories. See the online shop hose connections, fittings, couplings, reducers, elbows, nipples. We also offer accessories with mounting parts in large selection. These include intake filter, pass filter, silencers, vacuum limiter and pressure limiters.

Your goods put into the shopping cart. Register and complete your purchase by pressing the buy button with a legally binding order from. According to the orders of your order you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt and a call for clarification. Then we confirm the order with an order confirmation.
Goods will ship up to a weight of 30 kg for a flat rate € 15.00 per shipment. Over 30 kg, we will ship by freight carrier. The costs are dependent on weight and are you still currently displayed in the shopping cart.


The shipping methods are on the weight of your ordered goods dependent. The weight of the delivery consists of the part weight and packaging weight.

Deliveries to 30 kg:

We ship supplies up to 30 kg with DPD for a flat fee of 15.00 € incl. Packaging and insurance, incl. VAT. Within Germany.

Deliveries from 30 kg:

We ship deliveries from 30 kg per shipment. The following prices apply:

30 kg to 41 kg cost € 30.00
42 kg to 59 kg cost € 40.00
60 kg to 65 kg cost € 50.00

The shipping prices are incl. Packaging and insurance, incl. VAT. Within Germany.

With the goods you receive delivery note and invoice. Payments prior to delivery are not provided. Pay with 2% discount within 14 days or within 30 days without penalty.

For questions regarding our products, shipping or payment, we are at your disposal. Contact details can be found to our website.

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